Hypnagogia: the stuff that dreams are made of

I read an aIMG_0915rticle in The Huffington Post recently that hypnagogia, the state between sleep and wakefulness, is the key to creativity.

I’m so glad there is a name for what I call “the moment my creative juices start flowing”.

Ever since I was a child, the only way I’d fall asleep was by making up stories while lying in bed.
Oh, the books I could’ve written, the funny comebacks I made up, the screenplays that could’ve won Oscars (starring myself and Leonardo DiCaprio, of course), if only I hadn’t been too tired to write them down.
I also believe that’s the moment when I actually memorise my lines for a play. Because whether I want to or not, whenever I’m in one (and that’s pretty much all the time), I tend to go through them for hours before falling asleep. And since I’ve been getting bigger parts over the last few years, it takes a lot longer to go through them and I get a lot less sleep.

But you know what they say, you’ve gotta suffer for your art.

Recently, I’ve beeIMG_0814n having that same creative thought process, thinking about this blog and what to write about. One night, suddenly, it came to me and the ideas started flowing. But, of course, I didn’t write it down and the next morning half of it was gone.
So this time, I decided to keep a notepad by my bed and promised myself I was going to write it all down when it came to me. Of course, I didn’t.
But, turns out, I never had to, because for some reason the thought of having that notepad there, made me remember all the ideas I had, the next morning, without writing them down. So now that I have enough I wanna share with you, I feel confident enough to start this blog.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the Sassie ride.


If you wanna read the article that inspired me, here it is: Hypnagogia

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