Find your inner Sassie

After 6 months of immersing myself in the world of social media management and stressing like crazy over my presentation, I finally got my certificate and passed with flying colours!
I’m officially a certified social media consultant! Now let’s talk about that.

Did I doubt myself? Of course, every single second!

Did it feel like I passed when I did my exams? It did, but that’s never enough. I wanna stand out, be more than just average at something for once. My whole life, I’ve been average. And it’s made me feel mediocre. For years I’ve been searching for the one thing that’ll make me stand out from the crowd.

I was never the best student, but not the worst either. Not the prettiest girl, but also not the ugliest. Not the best actress, but good enough. Not the smartest, fastest, strongest, fittest, most confident, special person.

I’ve always just wanted to be the best at something. I didn’t care what it was.

For a while, in the 90’s, I did claim my title as Tetris Queen on Game Boy and “Bubble Shooter Champion” on Playstation 1 and arcade games. ?
I was always runner-up in job interviews, relationships, friendships, castings, plays. I’ve never stood up for myself in any situation. I always let people walk all over me.

It’s time to take control again. To find my inner Sassie again.

I’ve been going through a very rough period lately and am so down in that hole, that crawling out of it will take every last bit of strength that I have. If I wanna feel good at something, I have to believe in myself. Believe that I am special.

I am the best at being me.

That should be my mantra from now on. Superhero pose. Let’s do this!

PS: I’ll get back to you on how that worked out.

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