Author: so_sassie

You should start a blog, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Sure… But what to write about? I’m no fashionista nor am I a talented photographer. I don’t know anything about make-up or DIY, can’t cook to save my life… I have no real niche I can share with you. But then it struck me. Why not write about what makes me tick, what I can do, what I love. So this is it. I’ve always loved writing. As a child I would make up stories with my Barbie dolls. As a teenager, I wrote movies in my head, starring myself of course. I have filled up many a diary about my life, my loves and my travels. I loved it and still do. So I love writing and I love travelling. I’m also crazy about theatre, the English language, Robbie Williams, polka dots, strawberries, Pop Art, Gin, Dr. Seuss, 80’s music, vintage inspired stuff, Britpop (is that even a thing anymore?) and films. So I will be sharing these passions with you. But also some of my hardships and the lessons I have learnt from them in the hopes of helping others survive them. This is me, this is So Sassie. Enjoy!

4 am knows all my secrets

I’ve always been a light sleeper. I need a lot of sleep and can’t function without it. Lately my battery has been so low due to stress and physical pain. I’ve been so exhausted, whether I’ve slept 10 hours or 5. On top of that I’ve been suffering from insomnia these last 3 weeks. I started taking Zolpidem just to… Read more →